Terms of use, privacy and cookies

These Terms of Use of Cookies of SIA “STIERESS” (registration number 40003769897, address Dagmāras Street 4/21, Rīga LV 1007) (hereinafter the Terms) explain which cookies and similar technologies on the web pages of SIA STIERESS (stieres.lv and all its subdomains and SIA STIERESS managed mobile apps) are in use. The terms used in the Regulations must be understood as they are defined by SIA STIERESS.

1. Cookies

1.1. Cookies are small text files that are sent to the User’s computer memory from a web server and stored on his computer, unless the User has disabled all or part of them in his browser settings. Cookies are used by the server to identify the user when they visit the site.

1.2. Cookies are divided into:

1.2.1 temporary or session cookies – helps to coordinate the User’s actions during one browsing session, i.e., exists from the moment the web browser is opened until it is closed or up to 4 hours from the last time a web page is entered;

1.2.2 Persistent cookies – are stored on the user’s computer for the period specified in the cookie and are activated each time the user visits the web page from which it was sent.

1.3. Classification of cookies according to their affiliation:

1.3.1 First party cookies – from the web page you visited. These cookies allow web pages to store information that is used each time you visit the page. From the point of view of the processing of personal data, the first-party cookie setter is the controller (or any person authorized by him) who manages the pages visited;

1.3.2 Third-party cookies – are generated, for example, from advertisements on other web pages located on web pages visited by the user. From the point of view of personal data processing, the third party cookie setter is the controller who is not the same manager of the page visited;

1.4. Classification of cookies according to the purpose of sending them:

1.4.1 Mandatory – necessary to be able to navigate the website, use its features and provide user-selected services. Without these cookies, the website cannot offer the selected services to the User;

1.4.2 Analytical Cookies – Collects information about how visitors use the website, for example to determine which pages are most frequently visited, as well as to find out whether visitors receive error messages. The information collected is combined and made anonymous. The purpose of these cookies is to improve the performance of websites;

1.4.3 Functional cookies – these cookies allow our website to remember the choices made (eg text size, changeable properties of other websites) and features (user name, language used or country of location) and to provide improved, more personalized features;

1.4.4 Advertising Cookies – These cookies allow you to display advertisements that are directly relevant to the user, to conduct market research and analysis using information collected from the websites and interests visited by the user. The information obtained may be disseminated to the Display Network and to advertising service providers.

2. Consent

2.1. Mandatory cookies can be used by SIA STIERESS without the User’s consent, because without them access to the Website is not possible. As for other cookies, the User authorizes their insertion by agreeing to these Terms, which are displayed to SIA STIERESS Users in the press posters of the Web pages. The User allows the use of functional cookies according to his choice.

3. Change the status of cookies in the browser settings

3.1. SIA STIERESS in the settings of the website allows the Service User to manage all cookies used with his consent, where they can be allowed and prohibited at any time. This option does not apply to mandatory and other cookies, the insertion of which does not require the User’s consent.

4. More information about cookie management in your browser is available here: